That Wow Moment!


Apple products offer many features and services that can be a little overwhelming at times. It's easy to get caught up in our daily lives trying to keep up! This is where I feel Apple really shines though. It's their belief that technology should be invisible. The devices you interact with should operate naturally, intuitively so to speak.

I interact everyday, all day with Apple products and when I step back and think of all the operations I take for granted, I realize how much Apple products have effected my life. For the better!appletv-remote

My son and I are watching a TV show. We both were talking about what h
appened and missed what was happening because of it! I used my Apple Remote and simply held the microphone button and said "rewind 20 seconds" and our TV show did just that! My son said "I didn't know we could do that!". It was his use of We instead of It that was my wow moment. I realized Apple TV was invisible and the technology that allowed us to rewind so easily was overlooked. "We" now have a better viewing experience and my son immediately lost interest in our TV show as he began talking to our Apple Remote to see what else he could have happen!

If you stop and think of the technology in your life, take an extra moment and see how many Apple products have given you that wow moment?




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