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Mac Tip! How to switch between Basic and Advanced function window views.

Whether you are opening or saving a file, understanding how to switch between the Basic window view and Advanced window view will help quell many a frustrating moment! By default each of those options will open in a basic window view providing a clean and quick progression to accomplishing your task.

Save Window - BasicThis is an example of a Basic window view providing access to naming the file, applying Tags and choosing where to save. The Where option only displays favorites and recents though which is a stopping point for users that are unaware of how to open the advanced window view. Simply click the downward arrow option (circled in red in my example image) to switch into advanced view!


Save Window - AdvancedWhile using the advanced window view, you can navigate around your Mac the same way you would if you had opened the Finder making it familiar and easy to locate just the area you want!




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