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With the power of mobile computing advancing, the decision to use an iPad over a Laptop is getting more difficult to pick. Today's iPad offer so many options that choosing whether to use your Mac laptop or the iPad has really become just that, a choice! It wasn't that long ago when the decision was easy, if you wanted to be productive you grabbed your laptop and if you wanted to stay in-touch socially or play some great games to pass the time you grabbed your iPad.

Because the iPad has become so versatile and the decision of which is right to become your go-to device, I wanted to write about my up's and down's of focusing my digital life on just the iOS (even posting this article, I'm using just my iPhone!)

The first area to focus in on is Apple's saying "There's an App for that!". Everything I attempt to do on my iOS device starts with finding the best app to use. An example of this would be if I were on my Mac and wanted to access my banking, I'd use a web browser like Safari or Firefox. Doing this on my iOS device is leading me down a semi troubled experience. Unless the website is built for mobile devices my experience is not going to match if I were on my Mac. Links may not work. The pages might not load right. 

By downloading the app my bank offers for iOS, I'm using a tool that was designed specifically for my device and I'm able to do what I set out to do. Most of the time I feel the experience is easier too when using my iOS device. The app has a more refined interface with less going on around the screen than if I were using my Mac. 
The biggest trick is starting any task by using an App instead of doing it all through my web browser. When I look at how I use my Mac, most of my day to day operation is done via the web. Researching information, online banking, shopping, Facebook, emailing, Netflix... If I 




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