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Can't Find Those Files on Your Mac? Here’s How to Reset Spotlight

For the most part, Spotlight works well. Press Command-Space or use the Search field in a Finder window, and it finds anything and everything that matches your search term. Sometimes, however, Spotlight fails to turn up a file that you ...

Choose Your Favorite Default Web Browser and Email App in iOS and iPadOS 14

Since the earliest days of the iPhone, Apple’s Safari and Mail have been the default Web and email apps for iOS and, later, iPadOS. There was no way to select default alternatives that would be used whenever an app wanted ...

Reclaim Internal Storage Space by Removing iCloud Drive Downloads

With iCloud Drive, Apple provides an Optimize Mac Storage checkbox that, when checked, stores the full contents of iCloud Drive on the Mac if there’s enough space. However, you may wish to recover local storage space without selecting that option—luckily ...

Keep Your Mac Quiet During Off Hours and Presentations with Do Not Disturb

We’re all accustomed to the Do Not Disturb feature on our iPhones since they’re with us for most of the day and often spend the night next to the bed. But you may not know Apple added Do Not Disturb ...

Keep iPhone 12 and MagSafe Accessories Away from Pacemakers

I am sure most of our customers can remember when we had to keep magnets away from floppy disks to avoid scrambling them? Modern storage is no longer vulnerable, but magnets and electromagnetic fields from consumer electronics can interfere with ...









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