CityMac Monitoring


CityMac Healthy Computer Monitoring - What's it all about?


Our Healthy Computer Monitoring is simply a way to keep a current "health check" on your computer.

Our monitoring agent was developed specifically for operating on the Mac platform and is especially lightweight.

Lightweight means that it doesn't use much at all of the computer's resources (RAM). It runs hourly in the background and never disrupts users from their work.


What if I don't want someone looking at my stuff?

At no time does CityMac have access to any of your data.

The Monitoring Agent has these characteristics:


Read-only (cannot perform any operations)

No screensharing of any kind

No personal data

Only reports once per hour


We're here to keep an eye out for trouble.

Here's what it does:

  • Powerful Error Detection:

Custom plug-ins systematically detect potential issues and reduce troubleshooting time by reporting details and configuration information.  Also detects many types of malware.

  • Equipment Status Reporting:

Quickly gives information like serial number, license expirations, RAM, OS version, and warranty status.

  • View Historical Status:

Plugin history details when problems begin, measure severity, and provide the insight needed to resolve problems.

  • Passionate Support:

Top-notch support by experienced technicians at CityMac.  We notify you when problems are detected and help you to resolve those issues before they become more serious (or more expensive).


What's next? How do I get it installed?


You can order here        and we will send you an installation link within one day or if you bring your computer into the store, it will be fairly quick to install.





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