Authorized iPhone Repair Facility


(Note: In some cases you will qualify for an Apple Loaner. If you are out of warranty, we can offer a rental phone for the duration of your repair - ask for details; can also be carrier specific)

Your beautiful iPhone took a tumble and now it looks like the one on the right.

That's the bad part. The good part is now CityMac can take care of your in-warranty or out-of-warranty iPhone repairs.

Extended Warranty Replacement:

With or without AppleCare +, if you have an extended warranty, we can help replace your iPhone with an Apple replacement.


Your battery can be tested while you wait with Apple proprietary testing methods.

If your battery needs replacement under warranty or after the warranty expires, we carry most of the batteries in stock and can do them same day.

Screen replacement - By Apple! 

Now, Apple will perform a screen replacement on your iPhone and allow you to keep your warranty in force. 

We Fedex your iPhone to Apple, they fix it and Fedex it back.

Average turnaround is 7 to 10 working days. Note: If there is body damage, the repair could "escalate" to a replacement.

Out of Warranty Replacement:

If you don't have warranty coverage or AppleCare, we can still get your iPhone replacement handled, usually faster than you could do it yourself through Apple, for only slightly more than if you do it yourself.

Next Day Service on replacements

Apple's commitment to customer service generally has your replacement iPhone to us the next morning after your out-of-warranty replacement is confirmed.

Weekends and weather can affect that but it sure beats driving to an Apple store.


AppleCare Plus... the Service and Support plan that Apple offers at the time you purchase your new iPhone.

AppleCare + will cover your iPhone for two years against accidental damage with up to two incidents.

Each incident has a deductible (varies by plan) and Apple will replace your iPhone in the event of a claim.

In addition to accidental damage, your iPhone will have full Apple phone and chat support for an entire two years.

Consider on your next iPhone purchase to add AppleCare + 

CityMac will be happy to provide that service.



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Repair hours

9am-5:30pm  Mon-Friday

CityMac offers Safeware coverage
for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.