Facet Integrations





Integration (CTI)


Imagine the phone rings and immediately you can see which customer is calling, have their purchase history ready, or just be ready to take care of your best customer.

Integration makes it possible!


FacetPhone supports various types of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). From the simplest interface to dial or retrieve caller ID, to a rich integration protocol, FacetPhone has it covered.






FacetPhone supports the standard Microsoft TAPI interface.  Any   application that uses this interface can dial on FacetPhone system.      Examples of TAPI enabled applications are Microsoft Outlook, Act! and MS Dialer.


UTAPI consists of simple programs that can be run by an application to dial or retrieve caller ID.  This package is available for Linux/UNIX, Mac, and Windows.  Any application that can run another program, can be modified to use UTAPI.


NetTAPI is a protocol that can provide in-depth information from the phone system for applications that are modified to use it.  Any application that can make a TCP connection to another program can be modified to use NetTAPI.  Examples include Infor FACTS and Open Systems Accounting Software.

FacetPhone Web CTI Interface

Programs can issue a URL to dial a number, get caller ID of an incoming call or hangup the call.  This is the newest and easiest to use method for applications that can access a URL with HTTP.  This blog post shows how to use this method to integrate FileMaker apps with FacetPhone.

Plug-ins and Code Hooks.

Some applications provide an easy way to include code in a "hook" or "plug-in" that can be used to provide integration with the FacetPhone system.  This code then uses UTAPI or the FacetPhone Web CTI Interface.  As an example, there is a plug-in available for Daylite.



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