Everyday Benefits

CityMac provides several benefits to every customer who purchases their Mac or iPad from CityMac

When you buy your iPad or Mac at CityMac, you always get 3 months free training seminars access. 

There are also training offers for seminar access that reward your decision at the time of the original sale:

$99 for 3 month seminar access 

Additional computer-only purchaser benefits

When you buy your Mac, you also get a preferred service rate for that day when it's out of warranty and needs our expert service.

AppleCare Bonus:

When you purchase AppleCare for your Mac, you also get the 4th year of labor coverage at CityMac. This is a local program for our customers who purchase AppleCare at the time of their initial purchase.

You also have the option of purchasing our Premium Service Package.



9am-8pm Mon-Fri
10am-8pm Sat

12pm-6pm - Sun

Repair hours

9am-5:30pm  Mon-Friday

CityMac offers Safeware coverage
for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.