Small Business Solutions Center

CityMac is a small business too!


We understand the challenges of running a small business and we have tools to help.


Although we are definitely "Mac Centric", we are also a Lenovo Partner and can provide Windows computers, tablets, or hybrids.


FacetPhone is a reasonably priced, full-function phone system that can scale from small to medium to large.


Video camera surveillance systems are easy when you have a partner who can help set up easy to use software and come up with a storage solution locally or on Amazon's cloud.


Business efficiency with custom solutions for computer or iPad or Windows machines is possible with FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, which is one of the most popular systems for rapid building and deployment of your own custom business app.


You can build it, we can build it or we can help you build it.


Mobile printing with Brother Mobile solutions takes your business to a new level of professional.  Take your custom app and print your invoices, receipts or estimates and hand them to your customer...or email...or both!


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CityMac offers Safeware coverage
for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.