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Back it up before you wish you had!


The Sad Story

It's a sad story we hear all the time in our service department, the hard drive failed and there is no back up for the baby photos or any number of important documents.

Sure there are methods to get the data back (see our tab on Drivesavers) but they are extremely costly.

The Happy Solution - read about Backblaze

We are now partnering with a great company, founded by former Apple employees, that has a cloud based back-up solution.

Backblaze  -  Sign Up Page

Backblaze has a very user-friendly interface, installs painlessly, does an automated backup that is intentionally designed to use a minimum of resources.  Because of this you don't experience slow-downs or loss of memory resources (RAM).

The Big Difference

Storing data on DropBox, Amazon Cloud or even iCloud drive is storing files but not a true backup utility that will help you restore your data.

Backblaze will allow for restoration of your files remotely.

Backblaze also has an iPhone App that allows access to your remote backup.

Backblaze was designed to work with Apple computers but works just as well on a Windows PC for mixed-platform families.

The Competition 

(from the eyes of a service department)

Some backup programs seem to cause more trouble than they solve:

Hogging of resources and not restoring files properly has required us to actually remove these types of programs. 

Backblaze is reliable, designed for Macs, and also works on IBM based PC computers.

To meet all your safe back-up needs , check out Backblaze now.



Backblaze - Unlimited Data Storage

Check out the other many features available with Backblaze.

  • Locate your lost or stolen computer
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Continuous Backup
  • Automatically Finds Files
  • Automatic Throttle
  • Free Web Restore
  • Restore to USB Hard Drive
  • Restore to Flash Drive
  • File Versioning
  • 11 Languages
  • Just $5 per month
  • iPhone Mobile App



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