Lenovo Partner - Windows computers

Windows? Yes


Our area of expertise is in the Mac world for computers, but we are realists about the population of computers and above all, we're here to help local small businesses like us - like you!


CityMac has recently joined the Lenovo family and has become a Lenovo Partner.  

Lenovo has a great line-up of desktops, laptops with and without touch screen, tablets running Windows 10 and all manner of servers and Enterprise level equipment.

We will be focusing on meeting local needs of supplying the types of computers that are used by everyday consumers and small business owners and their employees.

Whether it's a ChromeBook or new towers for the entire office, give us a chance to quote your next Windows PC.


Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny
These are just a couple of the
many models to choose from. 
ThinkPad Yoga 


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